The African Union Commission (AU) and Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies (BICC) with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) are supporting Ghana’s effort to domesticate and implement the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

In addressing the participants, Mr. Christopher Kayoshe, a representative of the African Union Commission (AU) commended Ghana on its efforts to domesticate the ATT and the spirit in silencing the guns.

While pointing out the devasting effect of illicit and irresponsible trade, proliferation, and circulation of conventional weapons on human security, state stability and economic development, he stressed on the need for regulated arms trade both regionally and globally.

According to him, the ATT does not replace, take priority over, from the implementation of other important complementary commitments under the international and regional instruments but it would be worth recognizing that these instruments set mutually reinforces standards that one must strive to realize at the highest possible standards in their implementation.

“As we continue to call for the ATT universality, we must dedicate equal efforts to

ensure its full and effective implementation at the national and regional levels”, he said.

The meeting raised  awareness of the ATT among stakeholders and gave a clear understanding of the valuable contribution of the ATT to regional and national peace and security. It also provided an opportunity to assess the frameworks required to ensure a full and effective implementation of the ATT in Ghana.

As of today, only twenty-nine (29) AU Member States are party to the ATT. He therefore called on all AU Member States as well as the members of the international community to become party to the ATT and institute effective transfer controls in line with its provisions.