In an effort to fortify border security, Michael Selassie Tettey and Bernard Gyasi-Abrokwah, officers representing the National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons in the Volta Region, along with their counterparts from BOSEC, convened for an emergency BOSEC meeting to welcome a team from the Joint Operations Committee (JOC) fom the National Security Headquarters. Led by Col. I.B. MOHAMMED, Chief G3 OPs, the session was strategically designed to evaluate the working conditions and address challenges confronting security institutions along the Ghana-Togo border.

As the nation approaches the 2024 general elections, the collaborative team embarked on an on-site visit to some beats and pillars along the border. The primary objective was for the JOC team to have a firsthand viewing of structures that house officers of the various agencies at their posts, interact with them to address critical issues, including tightening security measures to counteract the potential influx of arms, ammunitions, explosives among others and enhance overall border security

 The on-site visits also looked at evaluating the effectiveness of current security measures and identifying areas for improvement. The collaboration between the BOSEC members and the JOC team signifies a united front against potential security threats in the region.

As both teams work hand in hand, the collaboration is expected to yield positive results, ensuring a robust security framework ahead of the anticipated challenges before, during and after the general elections.