In an effort to combat the menace of illicit arms trafficking, the National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons (NACSA) executed a comprehensive public education and awareness campaign on illicit arms trafficking. The initiative took place at the G.P.R.T.U branches of Kpando, Peki, and Mali G.P.R.T.U transport stations situated in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The campaign’s primary objective was to enlighten drivers about the legal repercussions, security hazards, and the broader societal impact associated with unlawfully and unknowingly transporting small arms, ammunition, explosives and related materials.

The Commission’s officers emphasized the imminent security threats linked to the transportation of small arms, providing tangible examples of how such activities could foster crime and violence, thereby undermining public security and hindering national developments

During the campaign, drivers actively engaged with the officers, posing questions and sharing their personal experiences and concerns. They advocated for an extension of vehicles searches by law enforcement agencies at patrol posts to include private car users. Additionally, they requested that the Commission equip station executives with resource personnel and relevant equipment to conduct thorough searches for passengers’ belongings.

Transport drivers were reminded of their pivotal role in ensuring the safe and lawful movement of goods and people. They were encouraged to report any suspicious activities related to small arms trafficking, reinforcing the idea that their cooperation is instrumental in maintaining public safety.

The public sensitization campaign proved highly successful in raising awareness among transport drivers about the dangers associated with illicit small arms, ammunition, explosives and related materials. By imparting knowledge to drivers, the campaign significantly contributed to ongoing efforts aimed at preventing small arms trafficking and mitigating associated risks.

The National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons reiterates its commitment to its mandate, emphasizing the need for ongoing public awareness campaigns to combat the dangers of illicit small arms and gun violence, ultimately contributing to the establishment of a peaceful and sustainable society.