In a momentous ceremony held last Friday, the second batch of officers from the National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons completed their training at the Ghana Immigration Academy, Assin Fosu. The event served as the government’s unwavering dedication to tackling the pressing issue of the proliferation of illicit arms in the country.

In a statement delivered on behalf of the Minister by Mrs. Adelaide Anno-Kumi, the Chief Director at the Ministry of the Interior, the Minister expressed his satisfaction with the successful completion of the officers’ training and commended their unwavering dedication to the principles of discipline, patriotism, and hard work. He emphasized that the training had equipped them with the essential skills needed to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Underlining the vital importance of small arms control, the hon. minister emphasized its profound impact on peace, security, and overall development not only in Ghana but also throughout the West African region. He urged the officers to effectively apply the principles they had acquired during their training to ensure the safety and security of the country.

Recognizing the evolving security landscape in West Africa, which now encompasses threats like terrorism, insurgency, maritime insecurity, cybercrimes, violent extremism, and transnational organized crime, Hon. Dery stressed that these threats frequently involve the use of small arms and light weapons.

The Minister commended the Commission for its effort in recruiting officers who will contribute to preventing the flow of SALW to non-state actors.

He also stressed the importance of raising awareness among the populace, particularly in border communities and gathering critical information on illicit arms trade, manufacturing, and smuggling. He emphasized the need for vigilance and swift action by law enforcement agencies in tackling these issues.

Additionally, he also urged them to be exemplary ambassadors of the Commission, promoting discipline, peace, and security in their respective duty stations.

The Minister highlighted the government’s proactive measures to ensure stability and prevent violent extremist activities. By limiting access to small arms and light weapons and preventing their abuse by unauthorized individuals, they aim to protect society from escalating tensions and conflicts.

The passing out ceremony marked a significant step in Ghana’s commitment to combating the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, with the newly trained officers poised to play a significant role in ensuring peace, security, and development in the country.