Accra, Ghana- In a significant development for security and law enforcement agencies, Mr. Samuel W. Yeboah, Executive Secretary of the National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons (NACSA) delivered a statement during the “Standard Procedures for the Management of Seized, Found, Recovered Weapons and Ammunition” training session held yesterday in Accra.

This essential workshop attended by a diverse group of participants, including officers from the Ghana Police Service, the Immigration Service, the Ghana Armed Forces, and NACSA Officers, was graced by the facilitator, Mr. Yacouba Kone, a representative from the Mines Advisory Group (MAG).

Mr. Yeboah opened the session by extending a warm welcome to all participants and underscored the critical role that proper weapon management plays within the Commission’s overarching mission.

“One of the key pillars under which the Commission operates is stockpile and management for small arms and light weapons”, he emphasized. He went on to highlight the significance of developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the management of seized, found, recovered, and surrendered weapons, particularly in the context of programming and law enforcement.

SOPs, he stressed, offer a structured and consistent approach to handling seized and recovered weapons, ensuring not only safety but also accountability and adherence to legal and ethical standards.

Acknowledging that these procedures are paramount for ensuring safety, security, legal compliance and professionalism within law enforcement, military, and security agencies.

Mr. Yeboah noted that they also serve as vital tools for accident prevention, risk mitigation, and maintaining public trust. These procedures enable the responsible and lawful handling of weapons, safeguarding both security personnel and the public they serve.

He urged participants to engage openly and share experiences during the workshop, highlighting the collaborative spirit that is essential for advancing safe and responsible weapon management practices.

The workshop is a collaborative effort by the Small Arms Commission and the Mines Advisory Group and the ECOWAS Commission under the OCWAR-T Project with support from the German Federal Foreign Office and the European Commission.