In a proactive move to curb the proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW), the Commission has initiated an extensive awareness campaign targeting second cycle institutions in the Northern Region. Led by Program Officer Douglaus Koku-Annu, a team from the Commission’s Northern Regional Office collaborated with the Narcotice Control Commission to raise awareness among students.

Taking cue from the National Security Ministry’s “See Something, Say Something” campaign, the joint initiative made a significant impact during visits to Tamale Senior High School and the Northern School of Business. The team engaged students in a comprehensive discussion on the far-reaching impacts of gun violence and its implications on their lives.

The Commission officers took turns educating students on the responsible handling, acquisition, and misuse of weapons. The interactive sessions allowed students to pose questions, fostering a better understanding of the critical issues surrounding small arms and light weapons.

Adding another dimension to the awareness campaign, the Narcotics Control Commission’s Regional Office, led by Regional Head of Education and Prevention, NCO Prudence Seeninyin, shed light on the correlation between drug abuse and gun violence. This approach aimed to address the root causes and interconnectedness of these issues, providing students with a well-rounded perspective.

The campaign is an ongoing effort across various second cycle institutions, coordinated and facilitated by Salim Ahmed Salim, Assistant Program Officer. As the Commission intensifies its commitment to combat the proliferation and illicit trade of small arms, these educational initiatives play a crucial role in empowering the youth to contribute to a safer society.